Choropoly: Chore Tracking System For Kids

Choropoly is a new, fast, and easy chore tracking system designed to help busy parents in managing their kids' chores. It's easy for the parents, and fun for the kids! Start your kids early on in the important life lessons of EARNING, SPENDING, and SAVING.

Set Goals - Learn to Save

With Choropoly, each board can be customized to meet the individual needs of each child. The parents determine what tasks the kids can complete to earn points. Teach your kids how to save points an set long-term goals for jobs well done!

Personalize Your Choropoly Board

Kids respond to visual stimuli. Choropoly hangs on the wall and is highly visible for your child's daily interaction. Each child can customize their Choropoly board to make it their own. Children feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment with positive interaction with their own personalized Choropoly board!

Not Just Another Chore Chart.

Choropoly is not a chore chart. It's an interactive system that involves the kids in the process of recording earnings, making purchases, and tallying points.

It's great for the parents too. Kids feel good about recording their earnings, while weekly tallying builds great math skills.

No Login Required!

In today's modern world, kids are constantly being pushed to the computer, smartphone, or other electronic devices. Choropoly hangs on the wall and is fast, easy, and gets back to the basics. Who better than you to give your child a head-start on important life lessons?

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