Choropoly is a chore tracking system for kids.

Choropoly Board

  • Interactive: Tasks are customizable for changing responsibilities. Most chore charts are designed for only smaller children – Choropoly can change and grow with age.
  • Easy for parents: Easy setup – Kids do their own administering of points! We take the CHORE out of “chore chart!” The parents help set it up, and the kids take it from there.
  • Fun for kids: LED lights, sounds, and bright colors make Choropoly a great attention-grabber. Kids can add personal drawings, doodles, and use their own handwriting.
  • Family values: Teaches a strong work ethic and the importance of helping out around home. Choropoly gets back to the basics, in a time when kids are constantly being pushed to the computer, tablet, or smartphone. No login required!
  • Teaches earning, spending, and saving: This basic system doubles as a teaching aid without requiring a classroom lesson. Kids learn by doing. Choropoly installs a sense of accomplishment – Kids set long-term and short-term goals and work towards achieving these. This gets us back to the “American dream.”