What is Choropoly?   Is it a game? Is it a chore chart? Choropoly is a combination of these. You use the chore board to track earnings (points), and deducts for purchase and fines. It is a family chore tracking systems that makes helping out around the house simple and fun. Choropoly encourages goal setting, fosters a sense of accomplishment, and builds good earning/spending habits. Choropoly replaces cumbersome chore charts and saves time for busy parents by getting the kids involved in recording and tallying points.

What is the purpose of the “wake up/clear button”?  Choropoly is designed so that the power is left on.   After two minutes of non-use the board will go to sleep. Simply press the “wake up/clear” button for one (1) second to wake up the board. After tallying points for the week, press and hold the “wake up/clear” button for seven (7) seconds to clear all the lights.

Should I use a dry or wet erase marker?   You can use either wet or dry erase markers on the Choropoly board. Wet Erase is the preferred marker, because once the ink in dry it will not wipe off as readily as dry erase. With wet erase, you simply dampen a paper towel or small cloth and carefully wipe the area that needs to be cleared.

Where should I put our Choropoly board?    The Choropoly board can be hung up where ever is most fitting for the parents and kids interaction. In many cases, Choropoly can replace an existing chore chart. Most prefer a central location like the kitchen. One of the benefits of displaying in a central area is that is easy for the kids to access under the parents supervision. Keep in mind that Choropoly is a highly visible game and the kids get a positive reinforcement from others seeing how much they have earned by helping out.

How do you establish your points for Choropoly?   Each child is different and will have their own set of chores and responsibilities. Easier tasks should be given lower point values. More difficult chores would be assigned higher point values. For earnings, it is best to start with lower point values and adjust them accordingly. Once you have a couple weeks under your belt, you should have a pretty good feel about the balance of points between earning and spending. The object is to add to your bank balance each week, this promotes good saving habits. Its nice to assign some longer term purchases that your child can work to save toward.

Can I get an online version of Choropoly to use on our computer?   Currently, we are not offering an online version or App. When Choropoly was invented the intention was to find an easy system to help teach the kids and not drive them to a computer. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices are all great technology, but we want to get back to some good old fashion fun and learning. In addition, by keeping it highly visible, quick and simple there is a much greater chance that it won’t get forgotten, tucked away on a computer hard drive somewhere.

How many kids can I track with one Choropoly chore board?   Typically, each we recommend one Choropoly board per child. This gives the parent the ability to personalize each childs board for the task that are appropriate for them. It also allow the child to personalize the board with their name, picture and their own creative decorative touches.

How hard do I have push on the buttons?   Not hard at all. There are four buttons on the face of the choropoly board including; earnings, purchases, fines and wake-up clear. Each button includes a touch sensor. The buttons are actuated by simply touching them very softly.

Should I turn off the power when not in use?   No, once you start using the Choropoly board, leave the power on. The board is designed to go to sleep after two minutes of inactivity. The light setting are saved in the memory. When you are ready to administer points, simply press the “wake up/clear” button for one second and the board will power up.

What if I press the wake up/clear button and no lights come on?    If you wake the board up and no lights come on, then the board was probably cleared off the last time it was awake. To determine if this is the case, press the “wake up/clear” for one second, then press the round earnings button. One green light should illuminate.

Can I use Choropoly in a classroom?    Choropoly is great for a classroom environment for group learning and goal setting. Kids learn that working together and completing tasks builds points for the entire team. Kids feel a great sense of pride when you say “OK Mason, go up and give the class 5 earnings points for good behavior”. Once a week, the class can work together to tally their earning to see how it impacts their bank balance. Teachers can come up with creative purchases the class can buy if they accumulate enough points. Purchases could include items such as pizza party, free choice or tech time, to name a few.