Jamie – Arkansas
My daughter is so excited to start earning points with our new choropoly board! It lights up! It makes noises! And she will learn how to earn rewards, and make strategic decisions about what to save and what to spend. What a foundation to give a child.

Cindy – New York
“My kids love them. We sat together to talk about earnings ideas and fines. I think it helped them to understand the entire process better. Thanks again for a wonderful product!”

Richard – South Carolina
This is an amazing solution to the boring old chore charts with stickers and markers My kid seeks out chores to do so she can get points on her board. Id recommend it.

Kevin – Ohio
When looking for a chore tracking system, we definitely wanted a system that wasn’t attached to a Tablet as our kids are already on them waaaay too much. After searching amazon and reviewing all the different options, we decided to give this a try because it mixes lots of interactive buttons, lights, and sounds. After using it for a few months, our kids love it and would highly recommend it! The kids love hitting the GREEN “earnings” button!

Michelle – Wisconsin
My two boys have had a lot of fun with their Choropoly boards.  My younger is only four (4), so he didn’t understand the whole process at first, but they catch on quick.  The “REDS” – fines help deter the bad habits.  Good idea, Great product!

Alyssa – Minnesota
We are very very happy with the choropoly chore System. The kids have changed so much here, and even shown my autistic son, visually, that it is okay to make mistakes in the bigger picture. I have been telling everybody about Choropoly.

Amanda – Michigan
This is basically the coolest thing that I have ever seen for chores. My boys love it and I could not keep up with our traditional chore chart, trying to figure out when they get or lose points. I am selling our current huge chore chart and replacing it with Choropoly!